French Island

French Island boasts stunning landscapes, including mangroves, salt marsh, heaths, and woodlands. The preferred modes of transportation on the Island are walking or cycling. Access to French Island is via ferry before embarking on your exploration.

Phillip Island

French Island is a beautiful island in Victoria.

French Island is a natural beauty with its mangrove stretches, salty marshes, scrubby heaths, and dense woodlands. What is the best way to suss it out? On your feet or pedalling a bike. But first up, you'll need to catch a ferry over to French Island before you begin exploring. Let’s have a yarn about some of the ripper activities you can get up to when you visit French Island.

A great way to explore French Island is on the Phillip Island Day Trip. You will then spend the evening on Phillip Island.

What activities are available on French Island?

French Island is the most oversized Island in Victoria. It's a national park chockers with wildlife and walking paths, and it's home to around 600 Aboriginal plant species and a fair dinkum of over 100 orchid species.


On French Island, there's a fair dinkum variety of bushwalks to tackle. You could wander about for as little as an hour or up to a solid three hours! Chucking on long trousers and sturdy walking boots or shoes is brilliant.

Old Coast Road Track

The Old Coast Road Track walk will take about an hour and a half to hit the Fairhaven Campsite. Kick off from the Tankerton Jetty and head north up the sandy track. You’ll stumble upon a few beautiful lookout points offering a squiz at the salt marsh and Western Port over to Hastings. The gander at Western Port is a real treat before you spot Hastings off in the yonder. After a decent gawk at the views, trekking through the heath and woodlands. Along the walk, you’ll likely spot some top-notch flora and fauna, including the white-bellied sea eagle.

The West Coast Wetlands Walking Track 

This track starts at the Fairhaven Campsite, taking you through the Pinnacles Track. There are heaps to see along this walk. Top spots include the Pinnacles Lookout, a bonza spot for eyeing the greenery above the Island, and the wildflowers, birdlife, Heifer, and Punt Swamps. It’s a beautiful spot for a breather and to soak up the scenic views.

Fairhaven Beach

Fairhaven Beach is a corker for some chill time, watching the waves belt the sand or taking a stroll along the beach. The sunsets at Fairhaven Beach are something else, where you can sit back and watch the sky light up with colours.

Phillip Island Day Trip

Wildlife viewing

French Island is a ripper spot with over 230 bird species and Australia's giant mob of koalas. While you're wandering about, you might cop a squiz at the white-bellied sea eagle, king quail, and orange-bellied parrots. The place is so chock-a-block with koalas they're often shifted around Victoria. You might also stumble upon some echidnas, seals, and dolphins! It's a real Aussie wildlife bonanza, and we reckon you'll spot a good few critters.

Cycling tracks

You've got a bunch of cycling tracks to choose from around the Island, ranging from a quick two hours to a full day's adventure. Hitting these tracks, you'll spot some wildlife, admire the plants, or soak up the stunning scenery. Some routes will take you past old farming relics and coastal views or even give you a peek at Phillip Island.