Yellow Water Billabong, Kakadu National Park

Visitors can witness the striking landscape of the Yellow Water wetlands and explore Kakadu's rich Indigenous culture.


See the dramatic scenery of the Yellow Water Wetlands on Kakadu tours and learn more about the vibrant culture of the indigenous Kakadu people.

Explore Kakadu's wetland wildlife

Yellow Water Billabong is in a UNESCO World Heritage-listed National Park called Kakadu. This park recognizes the area's ecological importance, biodiversity, and cultural significance. The billabong is home to wildlife, including saltwater crocodiles, birds like the Jabiru, sea eagles, buffalo, brumbies, and wild pigs. Visitors can see these animals coexisting harmoniously in their natural habitat at Yellow Water Billabong, making it a popular destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Activities available at Yellow Water Billabong

Visitors can observe the park's wildlife by taking a Yellow Water Cruise or walking along the boardwalks on the water's edge.

Ngurrungurrudjba, also known as the billabong, is situated near Cooinda. Crocodiles, wild horses, buffalo, and various wildlife inhabit it. Join a boat cruise on Yellow Water to observe a diverse range of wildlife up close. The billabong is home to various bird species, such as jacana, egrets, Jabiru, sea eagles, magpie geese, and more.

Visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk along the boardwalk to observe Paperbark forests, pandanus, and freshwater mangroves along the shore. The billabong is decorated with pink and white waterlilies, and a walk across the floodplains leads to a viewing platform on Home Billabong, offering a stunning view of the Top End sunset.

Visitors can learn about Aboriginal culture by visiting the Warradjan Cultural Centre building.

Experience fishing for yourself

Yellow Water Billabong in Australia is known for its excellent fishing opportunities, with various fish species, including Kakadu barramundis. Whether you are a skilled angler or a beginner, you can enjoy fishing in its waters.

Take a Cruise

Visiting the waterways of the Yellow Water Billabong is recommended for its spectacular scenery and incredible wildlife encounters in the region.

One way to explore the landscape from a different viewpoint is by taking a cruise that operates year-round. You can cruise at sunrise or sunset to witness the beautiful lighting of the water and its surroundings or during the daytime for potential wildlife sightings.

Learn about the local wildlife

The Yellow Water Billabong boasts diverse wildlife, with various native species thriving in its vast wetlands.

The billabong is a part of the South Alligator River System in Australia, where visitors can see crocodiles, various bird species, snakes, and fish, including the Kakadu barramundi.

Kakadu tours


Visitors can explore the Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre, which offers insights into Aboriginal culture in Kakadu. Developed by Bininj and Mungguy, the large display provides a fascinating experience for tourists.

At the centre, artists and weavers frequently host demonstrations, and visitors can also find a gallery selling Aboriginal arts, crafts, books, and cards.

The cultural centre is open daily and provides an excellent escape from the daytime heat.


The Cooinda Lodge provides accommodations like motel rooms, tent sites, and powered van sites. Guests can enjoy dining options, a pool, fuel services, a shop, tour bookings, and internet access.

Located just 6 km from Cooinda, the two Mardukal campgrounds offer showers, toilets, a generator zone, and a boat ramp.  These campgrounds suit various recreational vehicles, such as motor homes, caravans, and camper trailers.